Lord Neborhest, a "get" of Wsoran

or W'soran founded the Necrarch Bloodline and was a High Priest in Lahmia until he received the elixir of Life from Neferata which turned him into a Vampire.


Wsoran was first revealed to the wider world in an account of -1750 IC (Imperial Calendar). He was a prince of Rasetra in Lahmia when he became one of the first eleven Vampires.


Little is known of him, but the Great Library had much significance for him. When Alcadizaar invaded, Wsoran made hundreds of vampires from the defeated troops and turned them against their former comrades. However, Alcadizaar burnt the Great Library. This truly wounded Wsoran, who fled with as much precious knowledge as he could carry. He joined with Ushoran and Neferata, among others, in aiding Arkhan the Black in his invasion. Which failed. Being vampires, they blamed each other and argued over the correct course of action. Wsoran requested more time to study, but they were all forced to flee from the sun. Except Wsoran, who stayed by the Necromancer's side in his thirst for arcane lore. In the second invasion, it was Wsoran who stood in Nagash's chariot, raining dark magic down on his enemies. After the victory, Nagash gave him one of the Nine Books. Eagerly, he studied. A year later, Nagash was assassinated and Wsoran fled north after vampirising some of the most intelligent priests. His masterplan was to control the physical world and the spirit world, leading to long trances. Eventually, his student Melkhior turned on him, at last ending his unlife.

Lineage of the NecrarchsEdit

             Necrarchs including Melkhior
                         Zacharias the Everliving