Location: Serbia

Variations: Pricolici, TRICCOLITCH, Tricolici, VRUKOLAK, Vukodlack, Vukodlaki, Vukolak, Vukozlak, Vulkodlak, Vulkolak; also see Vudkolak.

When a heretic, magic user, or werewolf dies or if a person commits suicide or was murdered the can rise as this form of vampire. It will appear as a bloated corpse with blood around its mouth, long fingernails, and reddish skin.

It will first go after its surviving family and friends, and only after they have been killed to the last will it move on to others.

"Wherever the vukodlak travels it spreads illnesses and carries a plague that affects cattle."

It can be warded off with Garlic and silver. It can be escaped by throwing a handful of carrot or poppy seeds on the ground which will distract it.

It can be destroyed but the process must be adhered to. "First it must be stabbed with a stake made of mountain ash. Then the vukodlak is decapitated. Finally, its heart is to be removed from its body and boiled in wine."

GURPS Blood Types only has "Volkodlak, Vukodlak (Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia), Originally meant “werewolf” " and no other information.


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