Vampires have been featured in music all over the world; this page lists a handful of them.


Savage GardenEdit

Savage Garden, a pop/soft rock band from Australia got their name when they were inspired by Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. The quote inspiring them was "The mind of man is a savage garden"


Bathory, a Swedish heavy metal band named their band after Elizabeth Báthory and wrote a song about her.

Vampire weekendEdit

Vampire weekend's name is from the lead singer's film by the same name.


Dracula The MusicalEdit

Dracula the Musical is what it sounds like: A msical adaption of Dracula. The musical features dark and haunting melodies, as well as memorable songs such as Life after Life


'Dance In The Dark'Edit

A song by Lady Gaga has brief references to vampires a few times, but the song is mainly about a shy young woman.


A song written by Gareth Jones of the Welsh, Indie-rock band People in Planes, from their second album titled 'Beyond the Horizon.'