Ushoran was a first-line vampire and brother to Neferata. He was the first of the Strigoi, but although he was a skilled swordsman he prefered diplomacy.


Ushoran was the brother of Neferata and in turn a relative of Lahmizzar who overthrew Nagash the Unbreakable. Ushoran was one of those who grew suspicious of his sister's long-lasting youth, and as such was served the Elixir.


He lived for decades in the Deathless Court until Alcadizaar led his forces against them in -1200 IC. The people of Lahmia rebelled and he, along with the others, was forced to flee to Nagashizaar. There, they joined with Arkhan the Black to attack Nehekara, an invasion which proved unsuccessful. They argued, Ushoran urging them to overthrow Nagash but fled when the sun rose. Ushoran went north.

He reached Mourkain, the City of the Strigoi, and allied with Necromancer Kadon. His court consisted of lesser Thralls who were only permitted the blood of those who deserved to die. His attempted to ally with the other vampires, but Neferata sent back the Thrall messenger's fangs before alerting the lands which would become the Empire. He would have defeated them, but a Greenskin crusade was launched at the same time to seek vengeance for those killed by Abhorash. Their Wyverns broke down the gates, and the city was destroyed.

He resurfaced in the time of the Three Emperors to defend the Strigany, survivors of Mourkain. After hunting down those responsible and turning the elector count of Averland, he set out to rebuild Mourkain. He may live yet.