LunaBella LunaBella 25 February 2010

Vampyres VS. Humans

Human Nature.

What Is Death But The Answer To Our Questions.

A Reward For Living A Good Life.

Sands Of Time Slip Through The Fingers Of The Unsuspecting Creatures.

Vampyre Nature.

Blood, Not Breath Is The Need.

Beating Hearts All Around You.

And You Stop.

"They Have It".

But Then They Don't.

You Look For Love.

You Find A Heart.

You Look For Joy.

You Find A Funny Feeling.

"He Is Not Human!"

Neither Are You.

"She Carries Death!"

We All Do.

"What Do You Want?"

"I Wanted Something From Somewhere Else."


"Oceans And Change Away."


That Is It For Now.

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LunaBella LunaBella 24 February 2010



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LunaBella LunaBella 24 February 2010

Pure Boredom by the vampire in pink

it was a normal day like anyother; birds were hanging upside down in their little metal trees and the black cats were chasing the dogs.

then out of nowhere, a giant meteor hit the earth! wa-BAM! aliens popped out with tea pots on their heads and shoes on their noses!

"oh, my GOD!!!" a little blue hen shrieked.

"the world is coming to an end!!!" a green shark said flipping towards the police.

the aliens grabbed as many bats as they could carry and sat them down for pork-pie.

"oh, the horror! the horror!" a big fat pink dog said.

then birds came flying out of their little holes in the ground and got out their little bow-ties.

"take that, psycho aliens!!!"

they threw the ties at the aliens and as they ran back to their flying fish-bowl in fear, the c…

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LunaBella LunaBella 18 February 2010

Looking for support

well...this is a "looking for support" blog, basiclly; since the begining of January of 2010 i've been working on a book, it's going extremely far right now and hopefully i'll be in the process of editing soon, making sure everythings where it should be. um... if you'd like to see blogs on what i've done so far, i'll be putting a link or something...somewhere.

most are on the twilight saga wiki because that is a hotspot right now and also a couple are on here, this wiki.

i just would like to know if anyone thinks that this will be a good book/books and also if you know any publishers that you could recomend me too, that would help me sooo much.

this wiki isn't really the best place i'm po…

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LunaBella LunaBella 18 February 2010

the illusion of the therianthrops

this is how the "illusion of the therianthrops" works.

originally there was and still is a therory that it is a phycological thing; they simply think they are any sort of animal, so they act as if they are.

in the Vampyre princess book(s) the thought of being something other than "human" is projected on to everyone around the one who belives they are in a different form such as being in the form of a wolf. they think "wolf", everyone else is affected by that feeling and belive they see a wolf.

usually the type they are is affected by various things including:

  1. age
  2. apperance
  3. additude
  4. and how one reacts to social life (if one hides they might become something outstanding, if one is the life of the party they might become something that shys away, depe…

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