Calling all vampire fans! Ever wonder which vampire/supernatural creature would win in a battle between the most popular mainstream vampire series?

To find out once and for all, we're holding a first-ever Fantasy Bracket between the top eight female vampires/supernaturals in Twilight, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Do you have favorites in each series or are you rooting for just one person? We're having a fang-off between 2 ladies every week until we find out who reigns supreme! Celebrate our ninth Fantasy Bracket with a fight between Anna from The Vampire Diaries and magical Cordelia from Buffy!

Week 9

vs. Btvs-Season-1-Promotional-shoot-cordelia-chase-8168796-337-450

Anna of The Vampire Diaries vs. Cordelia of Buffy

Who should win Week 9 of Wikia's Fantasy Bracket?

The poll was created at 23:44 on April 18, 2012, and so far 74 people voted.

Week 8 Results

Lorena of True Blood is our Week 8 champion!


Week 7 Results

Rebekah of The Vampire Diaries is our Week 7 champion!

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Week 6 Results

Jessica of True Blood is our Week 6 champion!


Week 5 Results

Lexi of The Vampire Diaries is our Weeek 5 champion!


Week 4 Results

Drusilla of Buffy is our Week 4 champion!


Week 3 Results

Bonnie of The Vampire Diaries is our Week 3 champion!

Bonnie-bennet-pic 466x330

Week 2 Results

Queen Sophie-Anne of True Blood is our Week 2 champion!


Week 1 Results

Caroline of The Vampire Diaries is our Week 1 champion!

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