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Tubalcain Alhambra (トバルカイン・アルハンブラ Tobarukain Aruhanbura) is a member of Millennium who also known as "The Dandy" ("The Dandy Man" in the OVA),a tall and thin man who resembles a malandro archetype in Brazilian culture. According to the character descriptions in the Dark Horse version of Volume Four, Tubalcain was a First Lieutenant in Millennium. In a fight, Tubalcain uses razor-sharp playing cards that can cut through anything or create illusions.

In the storyline, Tubalcain promised Brazilian police and military officers immortality through becoming vampires in exchange for killing Alucard and Seras Victoria, who were staying in a local hotel. Though Alucard consider the use of pawns to be cowardly, Tubalcain also planned to reduce the vampire's ammunition as he gets the upper hand in their duel. However, Alucard toyed with Tubalcain before releasing his restrictions to level one while making use of Sera's distraction so he can attack Alhambra at close range. Alucard proceeds to cripple Tubalcain before absorbing the man's blood and soul to access his memories to know Millennium's plan. Though the Doctor activated the incineration chip on Tubalcain, his soul ended up in Alucard's body. His soul later reappears, along with all the others absorbed by Alucard over the ages, when Integra releases his control art restriction system to Level Zero in volume 8. After helping shoot down Maxwell's helicopter and attacking Anderson, he is destroyed in a massive fire along with all the other familiars. This scene was not published in Young King OURs, but was added to volume 9.

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