Lost boys

The Lost Boys is a 1987 vampire film about two brothers from Arizona who find themselves fighting a gang of Californian vampires in their new home town of Santa Carla.


Michael and Sam Emerson, sons of the recently divorced Lucy Emerson, move in with Lucy's grandfather in the fictional Californian town of Santa Carla. Santa Carla has a noted gang problem, with many teenagers going missing. Lucy takes a job at a video shop, run by Max, while Michael becomes fascinated by a woman named Star, a member of the local gang. Gang leader David challenges Michael to a motorcycle race, in which Michael nearly drives over the edge of a cliff and then invites him to their lair in an abandoned hotel. They initiate Michael into the gang, forcing him to drink blood from a wine bottle and dropping with him into a gorge. Michael wakes up in his bed the following morning, with no memory of how he got there.

Sam meanwhile has been taught about vampires by self-proclaimed slayers Edgar and Alan Frog, who educate him using horror comics. Sam begins to realise that Michael has been vampirised. Reluctant to kill his brother, he turns his attentions to Max, who has begun dating Lucy to Sam's annoyance. During a dinner party, they attempt a series of tests on Max, all of which seem to reveal that he is human.

Michael watches (but does not participate in) a gang attack, during which he learns that he, as he was only recently turned, is a half-vampire, like Star and another vampire, Laddie. Michael guides Sam and the Frog brothers to the vampire's lair, where they stake one vampire but awaken the rest. Fleeing with Star and Laddie, the gang attempt to prepare for the inevitable vampire attack. They are able to slay all of the vampires but the half-vampires are not healed.

Max and Lucy return, with Max at last revealing that he was the head vampire but none of their tests work as he had been invited into their house. Protesting that he wanted Lucy to be a mother to his "lost boys", he is killed by the grandfather who drives through the wall of the house and impales Max on the fence posts carried on the jeep. He casually steps from the car and takes a drink from the fridge, declaring "One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach...All the damn vampires".

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