Thatch talking to his mom on the phone


Thatch Manora is the school bully at scare school who is a vampire. He says he is seem to be popular, but a jerk instead as he is conniving, selfish, cruel, always looking for things to exploit and use to his advantage. His gang usually includes Slither, Dummy Girl, Mosshead and Harpy. Thatch displays vampiric traits, mostly his ability to shapeshift into a bat. But oddly, he seems to have no aversion to sunlight, as he has been in Deedstown several times during the day. He apparently has acid for tears, as he once cried for not having the respect of his gang, his tears burning holes through his cape. Although he's a bully and a jerk, once in a while, he finds common grounds with Casper and his friends, and even occasionally helps them, but goes right back to being the jerk he is afterwards.

In the Movie: Casper's Scare School (2006)