Strigoi are the most hideous of Vampires, and heavily built. These beasts may be half-insane and with little intelligence, but their physical power is almost unmatched due to their origins in Khemri. Blood Dragons consider them interesting prey.


Strigoi are descended from Ushoran, lieutenant of Nagash the Unbreakable. Ushoran founded their city of Mourkain, which was abandoned after a Greenskin attack. Other bloodlines shunned them, as Ushoran had abandoned them. They hate the Von Carsteins and Lahmians for leaving them in the wild. By contrast, the Necrarchs performed hideous experiments on them.


Unlike other vampiric beasts, the Strigoi will feast on freshly dead humans.

Vorag BloodytoothEdit

Vorag the Ghoul king was a Strigoi who fled from Mourkain after it was destroyed by the Greenskin Dork Redeye. He built an army north of the Black Mountains, and united the Ghouls in -600 IC. Capturing the Red Cloud Goblins, he forced them to build his fortress to the east of the Plain of Bones. Next, the Grey Hag Goblins were besieged, but a lucky bolt struck him, and the Ghouls scattered.

One thousand years later, he was found in the forests of Sylvania by the vampire Franz von Carstein, who he killed. Gathering another army of Ghouls, he headed south to restore the kingdom of the Strigoi. Greenskins from the World's Edge Mountains destroyed his forces but he survived to rule Mourkain's ruins to this day.

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Strigoi are part of the Warhammer universe of Games Workshop.