While Garlic is well known to protect against vampires, there are many other plants also said to get the job done.


Plants that are effective against Vampires include (not inculding woods used to make stakes)

  • Roses: The scent of a rose is supposed to keep vampires at bay, the thorns are said to trap vampires in their graves, and even the petals are said to damage a vampire. Wild Dogroses are also commonly used.
  • Blackthorn: Romanians kept it sewn in their clothing to prevent attacks. Said to be very powerful.
  • Buckthorn: Used since Ancient Greece to keep away the undead. Hung from the gates of houses.
  • Garlic : See main page
  • Hawthorn: Aside from being used for making stakes, it was also carried around as protection.
  • Holly: Hung from windows and doors for protection. Poisonous to humans if ingested.
  • Juniper: Used by Gypsies/Romani people to protect from vampires. Keep a piece inside the house, and even if a vampire does somehow get in, it can't do anything.
  • Mayflower: Said to ward off evil, and fastened to doors.
  • Mustard Seed: Mustard Seed sprinkled on the roof is said to ward off vampires. This is likely because of biblical references to faith being like a mustard seed.
  • Rowan: Used to make protective crosses.
  • Wolfsbane/Monkshood: Used against both vampires and werewolves. Also is poisonous to humans and most animals if ingested.

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