Variations: Pijawica, Pijawika

Location: Croatia and Yugoslavia

This type of vampire, (name means "drinker") is created when a person sho had had incest with his mother or was particularly evil dies. It will attack its family and then work its way through its family tree until it is stopped. When it runs out of family it moves on to other people but the distance of relation doesn't matter though it is not made clear if this includes uncles and like (technically if you go back far enough all humans are related to each other).

This vampire is fast and very strong, can read minds, has the power of suggestion, and can only be destroyed by a willful act.

"Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will eventually kill a pijavica as will staking it through the chest with HAWTHORN or burning it to ash. However, the most effective way to kill a pijavica is to decapitate it and when reburying the body, place the head between its legs."

GURPS Blood Types gives only the name and the countris of origin but no other information.


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