Variation: Pananggaln, Panangglan, Penangal, Penanggalan, Pennanggalan, Pontianak. Other varients include Kephn (Berma) and Aswang Mannananggal (Philippines).

A female mortal (i.e. not undead) vampire of Malaysian folklore.

Ecology Edit

The creation of a Penangglan varies. While it generally is caused by a woman making a dark pack for power and/or beauty it can also be the result of a woman dying in childbirth or being surprised by a man while doing performing religious penance.

In any case, during the day the vampire appears to be a normal human. However once the sun sets a horrific transformation occurs. The head detaches from the body pulling its soft tissue organs with it. The head then searches out victims usually children or women in labor and failing that men. After it feeds it must soak its organs in a keg of vinegar so that they will fit back inside its body.

The destruction of a Penangglan varies depending on location. In some areas it cannot be destroyed, in other it can be hacked to death, and in still others having sunlight hit the head while it is separate from the body will destroy it.

GURPS Blood Types has a short bit on Kephn under "Penanggalen".