Kamilla, a possible "get" of Neferata

Neferata (lit translation: she who is beautiful in death) was the first vampire, and was responsible for the taint spreading through the Blood Kiss.


Her road to hell was undoubtedly paved with good intentions. Lahmizzar (she was possibly his wife or his daughter, the records do not say) had led the rebellion against Nagash, being slain in the process. His son Lahmizzash took the throne of Khemri, while she was chosen over her brother Ushoran to rule Lahmia. She came into the possession of some of the scrolls of Nagash and set to work combating the evil of the Necromancer. However, the knowledge corrupted her and she started to raise the dead and experimented with the Elixir of Life. Drinking it, her heart stopped and a spirit was able to enter her body. Now, one of the most repulsive and heretical forms of life was born, and they called it Vampire.


Initially, she tried to conceal the thirst for blood but as more aged and died while she remained youthful she decided to "bless" eleven others. These included Ushoran, Captain of the Guard Abhorash and High Priest Wsoran. They now ruled Lahmia, and people forgot their old religion in favour of these demons. Nagash was worshipped and the Vampires changed, hating the sun and growing fangs. When she discovered that the sharing of blood in the Blood Kiss could create lesser vampires, the evil spread.

In -1200 IC war broke out against the Deathless Court. King Alcadizaar declared war for unknown reasons, possibly linked to the return of Nagash. Abhorash defended the city with the aid of Wsoran, but only seven escaped along with some of their minions. Guilt-ridden Abhorash did not go to Nagashizzar, but the rest allied with him and Arkhan the Black in -1163 IC to raise the dead again. However, they were beaten back and naturally blamed each other. Neferata wanted to re-invade with Nagash, but they fled with dawn. She and the Lahmians went north.

Silver PinnacleEdit

Many centuries later, she resurfaced at the Silver Pinnacle dwarf mine. After the dwarfs were slaughtered by her Zombies and Skeletons, she set up the Palace of the Night Queen. As many don't leave with their own blood, we can only speculate. It is not horrific, but filled with ancient Lahmian treasures. She bathes in the blood of young men while the undead play music, though she remains behind seven veils and communicates through handmaidens. Her web stretches to the Empire, Araby, Kislev, Tilea and Bretonnia. It is designed so that the foolish fall for the elegance. Ushoran sent a Thrall of his request her aid when Mourkain was invaded. He recieved the Thrall's fangs. Her aim is to rule all vampires from Lahmia.

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