Lord Neborhest

Necrarchs are the rarest bloodline and the most hideous, but they suffer least from the bloodlust

History and Description

These are the "gets" of Wsoran, scattered in their towers and studying necromantic lore. Their aim is to turn all life into death. As such, vampires of species other than humans can be created by overpowering those species stronger magical defences. In combat, they are weak but their spellcasting is very strong.

Lord Neborhest

Lord Neborhest (right) is a Level 21 Necrarch from Warhammer: Age of Reckoning encountered on Dwarf Level 9. His tower is in the the Marshes of Madness, and before he is reached the player must defeat Mattias von Jaeger (undead human), Norrisson (undead dwarf) and the infamous greenskin Dork Redeye (undead orc).

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Necrarchs are part of the Warhammer universe of Games Workshop.

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