Melkhior was a Necrarch and the student of Wsoran.


Melkhior, possibly in an attempt to claim the Book of Nagash, slew Wsoran as his spirit voyaged through the winds of magic. Later, he was found in a tower in the Forest of Shadows by the thief Zacharias, to whom he granted the "gift" of vampirism. He taught him everything he knew, but never let him see the Book of Nagash. However, his unusual "bloodfests" coupled with insanity meant that Zacharias slipped in to read it. When Melkhior discovered him, he attacked but Zacharias escaped. He was not found, until the day he came on a Zombie Dragon to claim the book. Melkhior's ultimate fate is unknown, but Zacharias took the book.

Lineage of the NecrarchsEdit

             Necrarchs including Melkhior
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