Marceline, the Vampire Queen (full name: Marceline Abadeer) is a fictional half-demon, half-vampire from the cartoon "Adventure Time With Finn and Jake".


She has light blue skin and jet black hair down to her ankles. She has a permanent bite mark on her neck. She wears a gray tank top, jeans, and tall maroon-brown boots in her first appearance. In her second appearance she sports a short black dress with a dark pink band spread across the waist. Also with purple and gray striped tights with red heels. In her third appearance Marceline has her hair in a hanging pony tail with a red and black striped long sleeved shirt. With worn out jeans and blue flip flops. She drinks shades of red and sometimes blood. She eventually gets her hair cut into a shorter style.


A mischievous and hip rocker personality, she is just like your average teen. She has a strained relationship with her father and is a gifted musician.


She floats and is a gifted musician.


She is vulnerable to direct sunlight. So far it's unknown if she's harmed by wooden stakes or garlic, since the garlic knocked away her parasol exposing her to sunlight rather than actually causing damage itself. And Marceline was never actually stabbed with a wooden stake to see if it would actually harm her.