Lahmians are mainly female, descended from Queen Neferata of Lahmia. They have powers of enchantment and compulsion, which they use to influence others. Neferata and the Lahmians


defeated Queen Khalida Neferher of Lybaras, and as she lay dying dropped some of her blood into that of her defeated adversary. Khalida cried out for help but the help she recieved from the Nehekharan Asp Goddess was unwelcome, filling her veins with poison and raising her as an undead Tomb Queen. The Lahmians now rule from the SIlver Peak.

Kamilla the DecayedEdit

Kamilla is the best known vampire in Warhammer: Age of Reckoning. She is Rank 11 and found at Traitor's Rest, Norsca Sea of Claws. She attacks both Order players and Destruction players and drops the exclusive Shield Defender of the Decayed.

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Various Lahmians have been created for Games Workshop's black comedy/fantasy game Warhammer.