Karen Colfax
Karen Colfax is a villainous vampiress from the short lived series, She-Wolf of London, appearing in the episode, "Habeas Corpses." Karen is the heel ex-wife of Marty Colfax, and in the beginning of the episode, she catches him with another woman and planned to use the taped evidence against him in court. Marty threatens Karen with legal action, but at that moment, Karen revealed herself as a vampiress and attacking Marty. Ian and Randi had to Karen's house after Marty arrived at their home for help before dying. They posed as the actual owners of Karen's home; claiming that Marty left them the house in his will. Ian states that no one has seen Marty's will, much to Randi's consternation, and after hearing that info, the evil Karen attempted to kill both Ian and Randi; flashing her fangs and lunging after them. However, Karen ends up killed by Ian.