Grand Papillon


Joachim Valentine

After briefly appearing in the original game taunting his brother Keith, Joachim is found as the protector of the French village of Le Havre. Joachim is both a vampire and a trained wrestler who joins the party when he succeeds in defeating the mayor, who has been pestering Granny Lot for her store. He uses several forms to fight in battle, which change depending on his Joachythms. His regular form is most frequently seen; "Invisible" form lowers his chance of being targeted; "Golden Bat" form greatly raises his physical strength but eliminates his magic abilities, and his super hero form, "Grand Papillon", is a powered-up version of his regular form. Joachim has the highest physical damage potential, but the trade-off is his slow speed, weak magic defense, and random transformations. He is also able to equip five hit areas.

He is in the video game Shadow Hearts Covenant. It was made in 2004.