Feliks Twist.jpg
Feliks Twist
Universe Forever Knight Universe
Current Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Dark Gifts Unspecified

Feliks Twist is a vampire who works as an investment analyst who is employed by Detective Nick Knight in order to manage the enormous fortune of the De Brabant Foundation. Despite being vampiric, he is a loving gardener, growing his beloved plants under lights indoors. He states that he avoids the lights that he gives them, and grows them in exchange for their beauty.

It was Feliks whom Detective Knight turned to after the murder of his original investment manager, Charles DuChamps, who was the owner of the Maison DuChamps. For other reasons than simply the fact that the younger DuChamps was the chief suspect in his father's murder at the time, Nick went to Feliks in order to see to the reinvestment of the De Brabant fortune. However to the dismay of both, Feliks soon discovered that the entire resources of the De Brabant Foundation had mysteriously vanished. After further investigation, the disappearance actually led to the solving of both the embezzlement and murder cases, which were in fact one operation. With the money successfully recovered, Nick left it in Feliks's good hands.


  • Feliks Twist appeared in only one episode of Forever Knight - Blood Money.