Dracula is the main villain in the movie Batman vs Dracula.

History Edit

Dracula, the original vampire originated in Transylvania, where he was staked by Abraham Van Helsing, (unlike in the original novel where he had a knife plunged into him by Quincy P. Morris). However, Helsing knew that the staking had only weakened the Count, so Van Helsing made arrangements for the corpse of the vampire to be re-interred in Gotham City. In the 20th century, he was accidentally re-animated by the Penguin, who he hypnotised into becoming his slave.

Posing as "Dr. Alucard", Dracula began to vampirise the inhabitants of Gotham City, drawing the attention of another "Batman," Bruce Wayne, who discovers that Alucard is a vampire and (using the vampirised Joker as a test subject) discovers a cure for the vampirised.

However, Dracula is attempting to re-animate his dead bride, Carmilla Karnstein, who was killed when Van Helsing exposed her to sunlight. His attempt to re-animate her using the soul of reporter Vicki Vale is thwarted by Batman, who cures the other vampires and destroys Dracula with a Wayne Industries device for storing and transmitting sunlight.

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