Nick Knight Disguised
Sieur Nicolas de Brabant
Detective Nick Knight
Universe Forever Knight Universe
Current Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Dark Gifts Unspecified

Sieur Nicolas de Brabant, currently living under the alias of Detective Nick Knight, was originally a medieval knight from one of the several areas that were known as Brabant, where he was turned in the year 1228 by Lucien LaCroix. While initially he operated under typical vampire mannerism, he eventually rejected this lifestyle after the years of killing to sustain himself. He often will now attempt to find a way to restore his own mortality, in a manner quite similar to Mick St. John. He feels guilty over all the deaths he has caused over his centuries of life and now wishes to repay society; currently he does this by working as a homocide detective for the Metropolitan Police in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Trivia Edit

  • Considering that he was turned in 1228, it is most likely that the Brabant that he is intended to be from is the Duchy of Brabant, which existed between 1183 or 1184 and being dissolved in 1648.