Desire aka Mona

Desire, aka Mona, was a villainous vampiress in the 1982 film, Desire, the Vampire (alternately titled, I, Desire).

Desire was a vampiress who had been prowling the dark streets of various towns before arriving in Los Angeles, in the guise of a nurse named Mona. Mona was newly hired at the same hospital as the main protagonist, David Balsiger, who worked as a coroner's assistant, and she came in physical contact with David at one point when she attacked him. After his encounter with the vampiress and learning more about her from an ex-communicated priest named Paul, David encountered Mona he was driving down the street, and he later drives Mona to her home. Mona turned villainous and began enticing David, right before she went upstairs to change. Mona slowly comes down in a black gown and continues seducing David, who resists her villainous advances. Later on, the evil Mona cemented her heel turn and revealed herself as the vampiress, Desire, as she followed David upstairs. Shortly afterwards, Desire continued to pursue David and managed to trap him on a balcony, but when she leapt towards him, she fell to her death.

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