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Count Von Roo
Biographical information
Turned Sometime after 200 BN
Age Over 200
Physical description
Bloodline Likely created his own
Gender Male
Hair Color Possibly Black
Eye Color Black and red
Description An orange Blumaroo with black and red eyes
Chronological and political information
Universe Neopia (Neopets)
Creator Neopets
"When it is dark my creatures will come to my aid!"
— Count Von Roo
Count Von Roo is a vampire on Neopets. Not much is known about him, except that he is a vampire living on Roo Island, and every night around midnight Neopian Standard Time, he will rise from his coffin and play Deadly Dice with any challengers.

According to his Neopedia article, "Born in 200 BN (which was a very long time ago), this vampire Blumaroo was scorned from society for his evil ways." It goes on to state he wandered for many years, found Roo Island before it was inhabited, and slept for 200 years before awakening.

Also, in the article, readers are advised to keep their windows shut at night, because if they don't, they "might not be there in the morning."


  • Blumaroos painted with the Halloween Paintbrush are painted to look like him.
  • He is the only confirmed vampire character on Neopets, not counting various petpets or the minor enemy Vampire Poogles from Neoquest.
  • As his Neopedia article states he wandered for many years before arriving on Roo Island, it is presumed he migrated from The Haunted Woods to Roo Island, explaining the Gallery of Evil claiming he lived in The Haunted Woods when he is clearly on Roo Island.
  • He is a Blumaroo, a Neopets species loosely based on kangaroos.
  • He can be fought in the Battledome after a random event causes him to bite your pet. However, he can only be fought between 12-1 am Neopian Standard Time (Pacific Standard Time) the same time frame Deadly Dice is available to be played.

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