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Count Chocula in the webcomic Breakfast of the Gods is a dark parody of Count Chocula.


Count Chocula arrived in Cerealia after King Vitaman disappeared and went into a deep slumber, and attempted to make become Cerealia's new ruler. He had brought evil magic, such as darkness that blotted out the sun around the once-sunny castle, however, and thus the people of Cerealia refused to back his bid for the throne.

Chocula sought to plunge the island into eternal darkness, but some magic had already been placed on the land by Cookie Jarvis to prevent this.

Chocula worked through his enslaved minions and made deals with The Soggies, Lucky the Leprechaun, Frankenberry, and others to achieve his ends and try to find and destroy the slumbering King Vitaman so that he could turn Cerealia into his personal feeding ground, but to no avail.


Unlike the original version, this Count Chocula is villainous, manipulative, and cruel. Chocula seeks to plunge the land of Cerealia into darkness so he can feast on the other cereal mascots and inhabitants, even going far as to say the people he killed and tortured were only "chattel."

He stated he prefers not to get his own hands dirty and prefers to let his underlings (most of whom were violently forced to serve him) to do his dirty work.


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