Clarimonde is a vampire courtesan in La Morte Amoureuse (1836), a short story by Theophile Gautier. First published in French magazine La Chronique de Paris in 1836,  the story is narrated by a young priest who  falls in love  wth unearthily beautifiul,  blonde and green-eyed Clarimonde.  

Adaptations Edit

The Vampire Happening (Gebissen wird nur nachts, 1971), a vampire sex comedy made in West Germany, features a subplot with the vampire and "scarlet woman" Clarimonde seducing a monk. 

Clarimonde (1998), written by Gerard Wexler and starring Audrey Benoit, is rather faithful version made for Canadian TV series The Hunger. However, this time Clarimonde is a succubus, who keeps herself beautiful by sex. 

La Morte Amoureuse (directed by Alain Vézina - 1995) is a very loose adaptation, set in modern day.  

Clarimonde, a new opera by composer Frédéric Chaslin and libretist P. H. Fisher will be an adaptation of Gautier´s story.