Chastity is both the name of a comic book character and series in which she is primarily featured. It was produced and published by Chaos! Comics and currently owned by Tales of Wonder.

Chastity a teenage unwilling turned into a vampire.


Chastity Marks was a normal american girl. She lived in Toledo Ohio with a father that abused and molested her. At seventeen she ran away to London to be an acteress but got involved with a punk rock band and dated the band leader. One day Chastity was running an errand for the band to get drumsticks from there van in a alley when she was attacked by a obese vampire named Farley. Chastity Marks got away by stabbing a drumstick in his eye. When she awoke from the encounter Chastity found her self in the company of a vampire called the Countess and told her about what happened. Countess trained her and told Chastity that she is undetectable to other vampires.