Let the Right One In - Oskar's Sexuality

Let the Right One In a 2008 Swiss film directed by Tomas Alfredson and written by John Lindqvist, explores the sexuality of pre-teens in a way which may be uncomfortable for some viewers. Although Vampire films and works of literature often are heavily sensual and sexual pieces, Oskar, Eli, nor any of the other children are over sexualized in the film in anyway in particular. On the other hand, I do believe there is much left for the viewer to interpret about the protagonists sexuality. This is not to rush to conclusions to say that Oskar is heater, homo, or any other sexuality, but more to remake on maybe a sexual aloofness Oscar may be experiencing at that age.

Part of me feels as if it may be improper to over analyze finer details in the movie, however, I believe Tomas Alfredson would not have included such finer details in the movie had he not intended for them to have deeper meaning by the audience. Eli, when hugging Oskar after vomiting out the candy he purchased for her, exclaimed "Oskar would you still like me I weren't a girl?" I believe this question held a complexity in line with Eli's character. Was she remarking to the point that in many ways she was not human altogether, do vampires truly hold a gender. Or maybe she was remarking as to whether there was more than a platonic relationship with Oskar at that given point and time. Oskar responds, "I suppose so". Very much inline with the fragile character we had been exposed to. Was his response saying that her sexuality or humanity did not in fact matter to him, and all that mattered was this unfamiliar intimacy he was experiencing. Had Eli been a male, could his intrigue and curiosity towards the character been just as intimate.

Maybe Oskar's response was not a reflection of his sexuality at all and simply just being under a Vampire's intimate trance. As can be seen with Jonathan Harker in Dracula, there seems to be a sexual deviance experienced when around the living dead. However, if this were the case, why did Oskar shy away when Eli came into his bed without clothes? Eli had to initiate the intimacy of holding his hand.

Oskar certainly evolves over the movie to a less fragile young man. However his final kiss with Eli, does little to clarify his sexuality and he maintains a fragile appearance in many ways. Could be the author/directo leaving us viewers down a certain train of thought , or maybe just reflecting the natural state of a pre-teen.


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