Arkhan the Black was the Liche King, the first and most loyal of Nagash's lieutenants who died in a suicidal mission to give Nagash the chance of escape.


Arkhan grew up in Khemri, Nehekhara. As a powerful mage he had befriended Nagash, the king's brother. He lead a coup that led to the death of the king, giving Nagash power and the throne. He was also the first to drink Nagash's elixir, giving him eternal life. Arkhan lead many battles as first Lieutenant, never being defeated by the enemies of the undead in open battle. However, the High Priests of Khemri rebelled and drove Nagash to the Black Pyramid. He counter-attacked, fighting for an hour after his last guard fell in the name of his obscene god-king. An unknown warrior ran him through with a spear, and he collapsed into a blackened skeleton as he gazed at it. They took him and threw him into the cairn with those he had slain, knowing his death was upon him. The rest they beheaded and burnt.


His death was not upon him. Nagash resurrected him as a Liche, and he went to Nagashizzar, becoming the first of the "Dark Lords of Nagash". Allying with the first Vampires, they attacked Nehekara but were driven back. Their second attempt, after a plague had been unleashed, was a victory. Only he and Wsoran had remained at Nagash's side. However, Nagash fell to a Skaven assassin, leading Arkhan to lead his army into Araby and sack its capital, Bel-Aliad. For one thousand years, Arkhan destroyed that once-proud civilisation in The Wars of the Dead. Nagash inevitably came back and Arkhan again stood by his side against the Tomb Kings of Settra the Imperishable. However, they were driven back to Nagashizzar where they had to fend off the Skaven at the battle of Death Rock. Heading north, they fought Sigmar at the Battle of the River Reik, where he was probably slain.