Ambrogio is a myth about the first human to become a vampire.

Many sites claim that this story to come from Greek Mythology; however, this story appears to come from the "Scriptures of Delphi," whose history only goes back a few generations, and there is no verifiable indication on where they came from.


Ambrogio was a normal Italian man who went to see the Oracle of Delphi. When he saw the Oracle, what she told Ambrogio about the blood and the moon, the young man was confused, so he waited until morning to see her again. When he saw the Oracle and beautiful maidens again, Ambrogio noticed one of the maidens was the Titan goddess Selene, who he fell in love with, but what Ambrogio didn't know was that sun god Apollo was also in love with Selene.

When Apollo found out, he didn't want Selene to fall in love with the human, so he placed a curse on him so he could never walk around in the daylight. Ambrogio still loved Selene and knew that because she was a goddess and he was mortal she would live and would die so he went to the underworld seeking to meet with Hades. He made a deal for Hades to keep his soul while his body still lives on earth.

Hades accepted Ambrogio's deal; if could steal Artemis' silver bow and arrows he would make him immortal. Ambrogio agreed he went to Artemis asking to join her group of hunters; she trusted him and let the man join her followers. Ambrogio tried to take the bow and arrows but Artemis caught him and was angry that he lied to her so she placed a curse on him, making the silver bow and arrows give Ambrogio a burning allergic reaction. Fearing the hunting goddess's wrath Ambrogio apologized and asked to be forgiven. She would only forgive him if he proved his loyalty to her.

Ambrogio promised to prove his trust to her but like all her followers he had to never fall in love or get married like all of her hunters. This meant Ambrogio could never be with Selene ever but he agreed. Artemis decided to turn him into a hunter almost as great as herself. As the goddess of nature she gave him many enhanced abilities almost as great as her abilities. His senses, strength and speed to match many of the abilities that animals have. He was even given fangs and long claws like many animals. Artemis even gave him the power to heal making him better than all of her other hunters. But with all his new powers Ambrogio still looked human. Artemis gave him the power to change just like the gods themselves; the hunting goddess could change into a deer; she gave him the power to transform into a bat making him more like an animal.

Even though Ambrogio was told to never fall in love he still had feelings for Selene. Ambrogio became one of Artemis greatest hunters and because he proved his loyalty to her she gave him her silver bow and arrows allowing Ambrogio to take them to Hades. When Ambrogio returned to the underworld Hades kept his promise and he took Ambrogio's soul, now that he was immortal Ambrogio could finally be with Selene. However he learned a terrible thing when he saw her again he learned that Apollo punished and cursed Selene as well, she was now mortal and was dying.

Ambrogio brought her to Artemis, the nature goddess, who decided to help even though Ambrogio wasn't supposed to be in love. Artemis told him in order to save Selene he had to make her just like him. After becoming a vampire and shedding her mortal form Artemis, then took her to the moon and restored Selene's divinity. But with Ambrogio on earth and Selene on the moon, the two couldn't be together. Because he made a promise to Artemis, Ambrogio never married, he never loved anyone else but Selene. Though he created many more vampires just like himself and Selene.

After biting many people and changing them, Ambrogio and Selene called them their children. Ambrogio uses the venomous saliva that Artemis gave him to save Selene and to turn others into vampires while Selene shines the moonlight down upon their children to watch over them. Ambrogio and Selene's children gained all of the powers of their parents; enhanced strength, senses, speed, the ability to heal, vampiric poisonous saliva, turning into a bat and to have no souls. Another ability that the vampires gained was a virus in their blood that has no effect on vampires but any human that drinks their blood becomes just like them. The other vampires not only gain Ambrogio and Selene's abilities, but also their side effects such as their weakness to sunlight and silver. Because Ambrogio is a walking soulless corpse, most vampires don't have a soul and with Selene being a spirit separated from her dead mortal body other vampires gained the ability to turn what remains of their souls into a form of mist.

Because Selene and Ambrogio could never be together, the titan moon goddess fell in love with other beings. Though she has had other lovers from Endymion to Zeus and a few others, Selene still looks after Ambrogio and all of the vampires.

Powers and Abilities[]

Ambrogio's powers came from the magical curses placed upon him by the Greek gods Apollo, Artemis and Hades. Ambrogio has been able to pass on those powers through his bite and blood.

  • Bite: Artemis gave Ambrogio the ability to transfer his abilities through his saliva. His saliva is injected into the bloodstream, which causes changes to the person affected by it.
  • Super Strength: Artemis made Ambrogio amazingly strong. She gave him enough strength that was almost as great as her own.
  • Super Speed: Artemis made Ambrogio incredibly fast. His speed could almost match her own.
  • Super Senses: Artemis enhanced Ambrogio senses allow to have great eyesight, hearing, smell, and taste.
  • Super Vision: Artemis gave Ambrogio keen eyesight almost as great as hers. While her brother Apollo made Ambrogio's vision to sensitive to the blinding sunlight.
  • Immortality: Hades took Ambrogio's soul into the underworld; however, instead of dying, Ambrogio became an undead immortal, making him a living corpse without a soul.
  • Blood: Artemis used her powers to infect Ambrogio's blood. This disease, virus or infection that makes Ambrogio a vampire can be transferred to another person through his blood.


Ambrogio's weaknesses came from the magical god powers of Apollo and his twin sister Artemis by placing curses on him.

  • Sunlight: Apollo made it so that Ambrogio could never walk in the sunlight again. Although sunlight can't kill Ambrogio and other vampires, it is harmful to their sensitive skin and eyes.
  • Silver: Artemis placed a curse on Ambrogio, making it so he could not touch silver. She gave him an allergic reaction that causes burning pain.