Captain Abhorash
Universe Warhammer Universe
Homeworld Warhammer World
Dark Gifts Freedom from the Blood Curse

Abhorash was captain of Queen Neferata's guard and first of the Blood Dragons. As well as this, he seems to be one of the few with some morality.


Abhorash probably fought against Nagash the Unbreakable in Prince Lahmiazzar's army. After the war, he caught Neferata feeding from a human but his loyalty meant that he allowed her to escape. The next day, he unknowingly accepted the Elixir and became a vampire.


He tried to resist this thirst for blood, but he eventually drained twelve humans. Accepting the nightmare, he swore only to kill those who deserved it. Soon, he headed the army as the "Lord of Blood". When Alcadizaar invaded in -1200 IC none could stand against him for a week but the Black Temple was burnt as defenders dwindled. With four companions, he went north. Restraint faltered. Greenskins and Dwarfs were worst hit, leading ultimately to the destruction of Ushoran's city of Mourkain. Eventually, he faced a red dragon, which was slain by his sword. Drinking the blood, he was freed from the need for blood and told his warriors to train until they could do the same. He still waits for them and will call the worthy.