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• 8/1/2018

Best Vampirella Comics

What are the best Vampirella comics? The character sounds interesting.
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• 10/1/2017

New Rules

Hello, I am the new admin of Vampedia
Currently, there has been a heavy amount of vandalism, duplicate articles, opinion pieces, etc:

I am slowly working on a rules page, but currently, due to the recent vandalism, they include:
The only werewolf page allowed is the Lycanthropy page. This is Vampedia, not Werepedia

Due to past incidents, no articles regarding Little Red Riding Hood are allowed. Little Red Riding Hood has NOTHING to do with vampires. Period.

No "analysis" articles are allowed. If you want to analyze something, use your blog instead of spamming the wiki.

Unfortunately, someone added HUNDREDS of pages that made the above rules necessary. I am not exaggerating. By deleting pages I have gone from 780 to 462...and there's STILL MORE.
Anyone caught violating these new rules will be BANNED

If you see anything that violates the above rules, or any other form of spam, please leave me a message on my wall. Thank You
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• 5/27/2017

Vampire Roleplay.

(Read Title)
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• 11/24/2016

Vampire Horror

What has become of true vampire horror? Each vampire derivation these days is blended with comedy, action, mystery, romance, etc. Where have the truly terrifying vampires gone? Have vampires become so ingrained in popular culture that we can no longer fear them? Am I doomed to forevermore see vampires as only a trope?
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• 11/21/2016
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